Odour Control Systems

Due to environmental and safety concerns, the Oil & Gas Industry in Western Canada is taking a much more pro-active initiative in preventing the release of H2S (hydrogen-sulfide).

By utilizing the patented AXENS® technology, Ingeveld & Associates Ltd. has developed a simple and inexpensive process for removing H2S from process emission vapours.

The Process:

The media in the containers is an "Iron-based", free flowing, granular, substantially dry material, which reacts specifically with H2S and other sulfurous gaseous species. It is "non-regenerative" and must be replaced when it no longer has the capacity to remove any more sulfur species.

The contaminated vapours are "down-flowed" through the media in our system, the h2s is removed, and the remaining "sweet" vapour exits out the bottom of the container.

Due to the material's high degree of porosity, negligible pressure is required to pass through the media in the container.

The Equipment:

Our "Odour Control System" consists of various sized (off-the-shelf) containers. Each is equipped with a removable lid, inlet vapour deflector, outlet vapour gathering tube, and drain.

The loaded media is segregated from the outlet tube by a support screen and custom foam pad.

Inlet and outlet piping are 2 inch NPT.

We currently stock the following sizes of containers in both Calgary and Blackfalds, Alberta:

Sizes of containers other than those listed can be "custom built" to the customers specific needs.

These containers are NOT pressure vessels (see label)

The AXTRAP® media used in our containers is classified by Alberta Environmental Protection Services as "non-hazardous" from start to finish, and as a result may be land farmed or placed in municipal landfills.

The reaction mechanism creates "PYRITE" or "fool's gold", which is non-pyrophoric and non-hazardous.

Further suport documentation includes:

Contact Information

In order for us to properly design a system for your particular application, we need the following details:

  1. Your name, phone, and fax number
  2. Your company name
  3. The source of vapour
  4. The approximate vapour flow rate in cfm or M3/day
  5. The H2S concentration in the vapours

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